Speed dating leeds uni

It is almost 18 metres long and made of 39 large pieces of parchment pasted together.” is who compiled it, but we’re equally unsure how it ended up in the library.

I like to think someone discovered it in an attic and was too scared either to keep or destroy it.

She says: “‘Comic Guide to the Leeds City Art Gallery’ was published in 1893 in aid of the Poor Children’s Summer Holiday Fund, which was set up to take disadvantaged inner-city kids to the seaside for a few weeks.

The guide itself is by a Fred Reynolds, who was probably a local caricaturist/illustrator.

With over 300 activities to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Get involved in anything from football to chess, wine tasting to skydiving, dance to ‘a cappella’. Are you interested in meeting Japanese people and learning more about Japan?

He says “This is a fairly obscure, heavy-weight piece of academic scholarship.

Published in 1968, it’s hardly a ‘treasure’ in the sense the earlier items are.

One that we particularly enjoyed took place last Thursday night, when we invited some adventurous and open-minded members of the public to “speed date” some of our favourite library treasures. this was the first time we’d ever run an event like this and even we weren’t sure exactly what might happen…) – eight Librarians (including representatives from the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds) sat at eight tables with eight members of the public. – about their individually-selected item for three minutes, before a beautiful old-fashioned bell was ding-donged and each of our guests moved on to the next table, to be lovingly introduced to a new library treasure.

Built on Commercial street out of 1500 loaves baked by W.

Morris over an iron and wooden frame, the arch was only in place for the day of the visit.

Are you a Japanese student living in Leeds, who would like to learn more about British culture and meet other Leeds students? The Japanese society is open to everyone, not just students of Japanese!

We are a diverse Faith and Cultures Society with a membership base that stretches from Japanese Exchange Students and International Students to Leeds Students from all subject areas, as well as non-students living in Leeds.

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