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Evading Sleet and Dingo the hedgehogs find themselves in a town completely untainted by Robotnik where Sonic and his siblings find the people to be nice, and the food is free.

After using the Power Stone, the siblings discover that this is where they were born.

While escaping from Sleet and Dingo, Sonic, Sonia, and Manic come across Lake Valley Resort.

Lake Valley Resort is led by Stripes, who believes that making deals with Robotnik is safer than fighting Robotnik.

Sonic and Sonia become concerned after Manic reportedly begins to "backslide to his old ways" when he discovers a band of thieves led by Max. While Sonic believes that Cyrus has joined the Freedom Fighters, he is actually working for Dr. When he finds out that the Freedom Fighters' "sanctuary" is for children he destroys Robotnik's communicator.

Sleet and Dingo are plotting to avoid giving the taxes they are collecting to Robotnik. Sonic, Sonia and Manic try to get him away from Robotnik.

It first premiered in France on 6 January 1999 on TF1, and then premiered in the United Kingdom on on ITV and finally in the United States in syndication on 30 August 1999 and ended on 22 October 1999.

But you can’t just ignore the band’s brief punk period, or the only song not sung by the three hedgehogs.

I don’t even remember what any of the songs were now. But being only a list of ten means that thirty other wonderful songs don’t get their due here, including the one where Manic’s hair turns into birds, Sonic attempts to get funky, and Sonia’s touching ballad.

There, Sonia is reunited with an old friend, Mindy La Tour, and her father. Unknown to the girls though, the timepiece is a tracking device designed by Robotnik.

Sonia finds out, and soon, Mindy's estate is swarming with similar wristwatch-style robots, all being programmed to capture the hedgehogs.

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