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I guess the light's coming from the front, but if that's true, what the hell is up with the shadowing on Lucas' shirt pocket?Why is it shadowed in the part closest to the camera?What the hell is with the background color changing from dark green to light green as you go down?If the light is from the top, why are there shadows on the tops of their shoulders?Admittedly he's improved from 2002, but frankly, who cares?

He also used the stage at the Country Music Awards for an awkward gay joke about Jake Gyllenhaal because he starred in , and has repeatedly referenced gay panic and jokes about finding lesbians hot on his Twitter account.Recently, when keeping up his his comic's unrealistic plot becomes too challenging for the poor overworked dear, he just quits altogether and fantasizes about being a wacky space archaeologist in an interactive novel.Of course, he can't be expected to create new characters, so he There's almost nothing to review here, such is the level of laziness apparent in Buckley's drawing style.In the past, he’s made toxic jokes about women, including noting, in 2010, a “sick fantasy” about then-16-year-old Dakota Fanning, and has repeatedly made Islamophobic and xenophobic jokes about non-English-language speakers and foreigners around him.Last year, after the tweets were uncovered and public outcry arose, he attempted to pass off all of his statements as comedy.

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