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You felt totally prepared when you left for your Midwestern college, and why shouldn’t you?

Amy Weldon, a Luther College professor who hails from Alabama.

“Its omnipresence, its subtlety, and the fiendish pleasure one can take in attempting its use oneself even if one is not a Midwesterner.

While you can sometimes understand this comment as truly innocent, the phrase often employs itself to call attention to the fact that you didn’t know the information in question.

Did you know that this phrase remains a favorite among Midwestern middle school bullies? Of course, we Midwesterners don’t rely on words alone to convey our true feelings.

Even if you call the South home and consider yourself well-versed in the art of throwing shade, you still might have trouble with the Midwest’s approach to it.

Passive aggression exists everywhere, but the Midwest seems particularly fond of it. In Minnesota, my perfectly polite homeland, you might hear whispers about “Minnesota Nice and Minnesota Ice.” But we seldom come right out and say “passive aggression.” That would be too jarring, too inconsiderate.Tone of voice and eye contact (or lack thereof) can also signal displeasure.If your friend’s “That’s great” adopts a higher than usual pitch after you tell her about your fabulous weekend adventures, she thinks they’re anything but.Find free contents, premium videos, porn blogs, Forums and all the most famous web pages focused on porn.Never loose your time or your device using bad websites.

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