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She says he then told her the director had decided there was nothing the university could do about it because the messages she had seen were “private.”Concordia University spokesperson Chris Mota said it would be inappropriate for the administration to comment on the case while it is before the Human Rights Commission.

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Then near the end of her term, something happened that Mei-Ling says she could not ignore.Due to a reporting error, incorrect information appeared in a story about ASFA. believe in living life and experiencing all it has to offer.But after a few weeks in the position, Mei-Ling began to encounter what she describes as a toxic environment, fuelled mainly by two male members of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA).“They made blatant sexist and racially discriminatory remarks, and if you didn’t laugh, or if you showed your uneasiness, they would just make you feel worse,” she said.Mei-Ling’s ethnic background is Chinese and Italian.

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