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She was being chatted up by an interesting looking Asian-American dyke with short-cropped hair, black rubber pants, a white cut-off tee-shirt and studs stretching up the outside of her ear.

When she spotted us she let out an excited yelp of welcome and rushed over to where we stood.

After a little more of the drunken fondling another body appeared beside us.

It turned to be the Asian-American woman who had been chatting up Amelia when we arrived.

As more and more margaritas were consumed and the flirting became more drunken we sort of ending sitting on top of each other in the booth as we watched the sexy dancers.

With you on one side and I on the other Amelia ended up resting her legs on each of our legs, which raised her slightly and left a clear path into her moist panties.

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The making-out continued in an incredibly pleasant and loving way until the drink finally got the better of me and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom.She, looking just as beautiful as the first time we had seen her.Soft coffee coloured skin, dark curly hair draping down over her shoulders, lush lips amidst an exquisitely made up face, a curvy waist supporting large but firm breasts, and heavy rings on half a dozen of her fingers betraying her proud Puerto Rican ancestry.Perhaps, the bronze belly-button ring was the thing that had first caught the eye of the dyke.As we drank, laughed and flirted the hours seemed to disappear.

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