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According to the Crown, he told her: “I’m going to f— you, and you’re going to like it.” And, the Crown said, he then forced her to perform oral sex and have sexual intercourse.

“I felt that I had to just comply because I was really scared,” Gray testified.

She said he was angrier than she had ever seen him, and his tone of voice scared her.

“I thought that him having sex with me — raping me — would be easier than him beating me up.”The Crown dismissed the defence’s suggestion that Gray had no reason to fear Ururyar because he had not been violent toward her before.

Ururyar said he was feeling unwell that evening, but he decided to join the party.

After a few drinks, the group moved on to a second bar at about 10 p.m..

Not every rape victim is “embarrassed, demure, retiring, quiet, virginal, emotionally invested somehow in the attack,” Lofft said. 30, Gray invited Ururyar to join her, and a few of their mutual friends at a Toronto bar.

Afterwards, they could have “hot sex” she wrote in a text message sent shortly before 8 p.m.

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What the defence is really suggesting is that Gray should not be believed because she behaved differently than a stereotypically “perfect” rape victim, the Crown said.

About 20 supporters packed the tiny courtroom to hear the final arguments in a trial that started on Feb. Ghomeshi was acquitted of all charges on March 24, but it will take another six weeks to reach a verdict in Ururyar’s case.

Linda Redgrave, the first woman to testify against the ex-CBC star, attended court in support of Gray.

The Crown put “rape myths” on trial during closing statements in a sexual assault trial involving two York University doctoral students at Old City Hall Court in Toronto on Tuesday.

Mustafa Ururyar, 29, is charged with sexual assault for allegedly forcing Mandi Gray to perform oral sex and raping her in his apartment in the early hours of Jan. Ururyar has pleaded not guilty in the judge-only trial and testified that the sex was consensual.

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