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A more literary criticism-friendly technical term for it would be thinks the Word of Dante applies to the original work, and so it gets mixed into future adaptations and popular allusions.

It can even overrule original canonicity (if that isn't known as much as it's known of) or Word of God.

Then again when his body was exposed we saw how false that was. She's like Ellen Page who wasn't fooling anyone with her straight act.

Shatner was supposedly involved with the death of one of his wives. Politics and News has Morning Joe as a possible murderer and Shatner might have been one as well.... She is currently bearding with Zooey Deschanel's ex, Jamie Linden.

I agree that their "extreme privacy" antics do feel weirdly attention seeking as well:-They don't walk red carpets together, but he made his *entire* Golden Globes speech about her and how amazing she is and their relationship and family is-Her skipping the Oscars with him for "La La Land" made the media ask about her more and gave their relationship even more attention (again).-Since being with Gosling, Mendes started her own fashion line and always (only) speaks about and drops "cute", quotable little tidbits about Ryan and the babies when she's doing press *for the fashion line* (And since when has she ever been known as a fashionista or for her fashion sense?

She was never even famous enough to warrant a line just by sheer fame alone--for instance, she was never a JLO)-The first pregnancy coming out in all the press happened because she allegedly told a TSA person at LAX that she couldn't go through the scanner or metal detector or whatever it was because "she was pregnant". Someone allegedly "overheard" this conversation at the airport?

She was dressed to the nines and carrying a bouquet of flowers, smiling for the paps while Gosling opened the door for her.

May be the cause of Newer Than They Think, especially if Dante is much younger than the work.

Again, it's easier to have Word of Dante if there is no longer anyone to give Word of God. is a version of this, where the Word of Dante is a phrase.

APOLOGIES for posting this again: I had just posted this (below) toward the very bottom of the last thread---and we were talking about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Just posting it on this new thread so people don't have to keep clicking back to see what we were discussing about them.⬇️⬇️⬇️I want some dirt on Gosling/Mendes too, R555!


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