Dating someone of another faith

And as our relationship progressed, we undoubtedly had some challenges that have resulted from the obvious differences in our spiritual beliefs. How do you teach your children to be good without the basis of religious morality?When we’ve talked about our long-term fate, we’ve argued about the reality of our future together. ” Even though we’re still young, these are still important questions — ones I hadn’t previously contemplated. We’ve had tensions arise from these issues more than once.If I had to claim a religious identity, I’d probably say this: I’m an atheist Jew. I grew up in a northern suburb outside Chicago to (mostly associative) Jewish parents with atheist tendencies.Even though I had a bat mitzvah (like the majority of my town), a strong connection to faith wasn’t so much the reason as was the recognition of the transition into Jewish adulthood.Why should my faith or lack of it have anything to do with how we love? Oftentimes, our pillow talk will turn into a debate about whether or not the devil is real. ” I’ll ask, half-serious.) On occasion I’ll interrupt a kiss to ask if he thinks I’m going to hell or not. Most of the time, we end up having some of the most fascinating conversations I’ve ever had with anyone about these topics.

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While many start off with intentions of finding a godly partner, with each passing year the waiting feels longer and the hoping gets harder.

When I met my now-boyfriend, our connection was anything but superficial.

For the first time, someone was more interested in my love for poetry than what kind of alcohol I like to binge drink on weekends.

And with an increasing number of millennials considering themselves atheists, it’s not surprising to find that a strong commitment to faith is now a rarity.

At my liberal-arts school in Southern California (formerly affiliated with a church), there’s a wide mix of what faith means, ranging from people who feel music is the closest thing to God and people who can’t go a day without thanking their deity on social media, all valid in their own definitions.

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