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This man has also spent money on internet porn chatting site named he paid his bills the way everyone other man pays(throught telephone bills), but there was no complains about that he has paid bills on porn chatting site. I complained to a similar site about all this but there was no response. Dessutom är december en ganska dyr månad, därför brukar det kännas extra aktuellt att ta sig en funderare på hur ekonomin ser ut och vad du kan göra 2018 till ett bra ekonomiskt år.May be i'm wrong but i came to know that a man(living in Jeddah, KSA) sent more than 3000 riyals from ksa(Jeddah) to eight different prostitutes who work on net living in different country. I could not understand their English and they could not understand mine ( Iam born and bred in the UK). It is a third world bank and that is the service I got.

Operator Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, today's conference call will be hosted by Ross Mc Ewan, Chief Executive. Ross Mc Ewan Thanks very much, and good morning, everyone.I did call uae call centre and spent over an hour calling from my mobile but they kept transferring from on section to another and telling everything is ok at their system, try to withdraw less amount which i did but no result.I told them that i can see my balance but could not take money even though i have enoough credit in my account.Thanks for joining Ewen and I on the call this morning.I'm pleased to say that the third quarter, we've continued to deliver on the 4 commitments we set out at the start of the year.

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