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I'll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated." Whether it's wishing an ex-boyfriend happiness in his new marriage or, as Somerhalder joked, being willing to surrender the last fry.As the two demonstrate, not every Hollywood romance has to end terribly.While it's expected that Dobrev will be reprising her role as Elena Gilbert, it's also possible that one of Gilbert's many doppelgangers could also be featured in the final episode making a romantic scene between the two practically inevitable., but it was all fun and games while shooting with ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. When the pair announced they were dating back in 2011, it wasn't exactly shocking.It even seemed as if their off-screen romance was a driving force behind their on-screen love affair.After his 2013 split with Nina Dobrev, Somerhalder started dating actress Nicki Reed.The two confirmed their relationship in 2014, and became engaged after just six months of dating! Inevitably, Nina Dobrev was asked to comment about seeing her ex-boyfriend happily married to someone else.

In 2013, the couple called it quits, leaving make it difficult for certain couples to stay together long-term.revealed that 17 percent of the respondents to their survey met their significant other at a job.However, it's worth noting that relationships between co-workers can be a tricky situation.Because Somerhalder and Dobrev were trying to balance romance and work, it's possible these factors strained their relationship a bit.In fact, it seems like dating a co-worker was something Dobrev had been trying to avoid.

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